Wednesday Season 2: What We Know So Far

netflix wednesday what we know so far about season 2

Upon its debut, Wednesday rapidly ascended to become one of the most-watched English-language series on Netflix. The show, crafted by Alfred Gough, Miles Millar, and produced by the great Tim Burton, breathed new life into a classic saga, with Jenna Ortega shining in the lead role. Fans were elated to learn that the show would return for a second season, with Ortega taking on even greater responsibilities, including production duties. What certainly helped the show, was the viral dance that became the number one thing on social media, which succesfully introduced millions of young people to Wednesday.

The creative duo Gough and Millar expressed their enthusiasm for plunging back into Nevermore’s eerie charm, hoping the protagonist hasn’t quite ‘drained the pool’ of surprises. As anticipation for the sophomore season grows, specifics about production dates and casting remain sparse, but a few intriguing details have emerged directly from the creators and ensemble cast.

While we all wait for season 2 new news and release, it is a good time to see how much you really remember about the first season of Wednesday in our Wednesday Trivia Quiz.

Wednesday Season 2 latest news

During the Tudum event, Netflix showcased a segment where Jenna Ortega, Emma Myers, Joy Sunday, and Hunter Doohan examined fan predictions about the series’ future. They delved into various plot points, including the fate of Joseph Crackstone’s ring and the evolving dynamics between Wednesday and Tyler Galpin. A significant reveal from the video was the confirmation of a new Addams family member joining in Season 2, though the identity remains a mystery, as highlighted by Doohan’s comment.

Additionally, prior discussions with Screen Rant unveiled that we can expect to see more of Luis Guzman’s portrayal of Gomez. The excitement builds as we speculate which new character from the storied franchise will make their series debut.

Hopefully, we will see more of Gomez and Morticia Addams, as sthe couple portrayed by the great Luis Guzman and Catherine Zeta-Jones deserve more screen time and diving further into their relationship with Wednesday may offer more depth to all of the characters and provide us with many unexpected twists.

When is Season 2 of Wednesday coming out?

The series received its renewal nod on January 6; however, the premiere date for the new season remains undetermined. Despite speculation about potential delays stemming from industry strikes, there’s no official confirmation tying these events to a late 2024 release. As of the latest updates in June, production for the second season had not yet commenced.

How well did Wednesday Season 1 preform on Netflix?

We already know, that Wednesday was a hit but did you know that for the Netflix’s top 10 all-time English TV list (28-day metric) it sits on the second spot right behind Stranger Things season 4? During the first 28 days after premiere it was viewed for 1,237,150,000 hours, which is 1.72 billion hours! That is a spectacular reuslt

What will happen in Wednesday Season 2?

During Tudum event, Jenna Ortega and other cast crew discussed some of the biggest theories from the fans. Let’s conslude them here.

Is Principal Weems really dead?

We saw he death in the final episode of the first season but fans came up with the theory that it was not really her. Since she is a Shapeshifter, she could change into pretty much any of different characters, with Lurch being fan-favorite. The big question then would be – who died instead of her in her office? I guess we will just have to wait and see.

Who will be the next Principal of Nevermore?

Following Principal Larissa Weems’ untimely demise (or maybe that was a scheme?), Nevermore Academy is searching for a new head. The vacancy presents a challenging scenario given the scarce availability of suitable replacements.

The creative minds behind the show have expressed their excitement about the open-ended finale of the last season, which leaves room for creative storytelling in the upcoming season, as they shared with The Hollywood Reporter. They hinted at the potential for season two’s plot to unfold in unexpected ways with the academy’s closure serving as a pivotal plot point.

The logical successor might be Wednesday’s mother, Morticia Addams, given her history with the academy and her connection to the Nightshades. Yet, the prospect of her assuming this role would inevitably lead to comical efforts by Wednesday to thwart her mother’s leadership, promising a mix of chaos and comedy.

Should Morticia step into the principal’s shoes, it would necessitate an increased presence for Catherine Zeta-Jones, possibly elevating her to a main cast member. Catherine surely deserves it but it is yet to be seen if Principal Weems is dead for good or maybe it was a bigger plot and she – in fact – will come back to life and be the principal still.

Will Pugsley join Nevermore?

Him joining Nevermore could offer so much to the plot of the second season but as his age was not revealed we do not officially know how much younger than Wednesday he really is. Of course, we can see the whole family moving into the school if creators decicde to put Morticis as the new principal.

Who are the cast members of Wednesday season 2?

The anticipated second season of Wednesday is set to feature the return of several key players, including Jenna Ortega in the title role. Fans can also look forward to seeing familiar faces like Riki Lindhome, Jamie McShane, and others reprising their beloved roles. The ensemble will likely include the Addams family core, portrayed by Catherine Zeta-Jones, Luis Guzmán, and more. With the series’ penchant for twists, Gwendoline Christie’s Larissa Weems, despite her character’s fate, might make appearances in flashbacks, and Christina Ricci’s Marylin Thornhill could also make a surprising return, leaving her character’s destiny open to speculation.

Jenna Ortega to produce season 2 – what we can expect from the season

In an early June conversation for Variety’s Actors on Actors series, Jenna Ortega discussed her enhanced involvement in the upcoming season of Wednesday as both lead and producer. Ortega hinted at a shift towards more horror elements in the new season, with a conscious move away from romantic plots to embrace a darker and bolder narrative. Her new role as producer seemed like a natural step in her career, allowing her to engage deeply with the creative process. Ortega expressed excitement about the early development discussions, her eagerness to see new wardrobe pieces, and meet new characters, reflecting her deep investment in the show’s direction.

This news will be updated as we learn more about the season 2 of Wednesday.

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