TV Shows To Watch In 2024 If You Liked Griselda on Netflix

TV Shows To Watch In 2024 If You Liked Griselda on Netflix

Explore gripping series with themes akin to Griselda. For fans seeking intense drama and complex characters, discover top TV shows like Griselda here.

The alluring world of Netflix dramas extends far beyond the tale of the infamous Griselda Blanco, brought to life by Sofia Vergara in “Griselda.” Captivated by its intense narrative and gritty depiction of the drug trade, many viewers find themselves seeking more shows that resonate with the same energy and gravitas. For those enticed by the criminal underworld and strong character-driven stories, a curated list of tv shows like Griselda awaits. This selection promises the same brew of danger, power struggles, and complex dynamics, ensuring that audiences will find ample content to watch next. Whether for the love of cartel sagas or the attraction to nuanced storytelling, these recommendations for tv shows like Griselda are sure to keep your watchlist filled with high-quality binge-worthy options.

From the streets of Los Angeles to the influential corridors of power in the drug trade, each series listed captures a facet of the thematic richness that “Griselda” delivers. These carefully chosen watch tv series similar to Griselda offer an overwhelming plunge into worlds where every alliance and rivalry is a gamble for supremacy, narrated with a caliber that matches the gripping Netflix drama you’ve just experienced. But without further adieu, let’s delve into these intricate tales of ambition and survival.

Key Takeaways

  • Discover series that offer narratives akin to that of “Griselda,” steeped in the world of organized crime and complex character arcs.
  • Unpack the multi-dimensional portrayals of drug trade and its impact similar to Sofia Vergara’s captivating performance.
  • Engage with shows that feature a blend of factual and dramatized storytelling within the crime and drama genres.
  • Find high-stakes drama series that are as binge-worthy and compelling as the six-episode run of “Griselda.”
  • Explore recommendations that span various facets of the drug trade, from the rise of a drug lord to the intricate operations that fuel their power.
  • Dive into series that resonate with the themes of loyalty, betrayal, and survival within the treacherous realm of drug trafficking.

Snowfall (2017-2023)

When audiences seek out similar tv shows to Griselda, they’re often looking for series that encapsulate the high stakes and intricate storytelling found in Sofia Vergara’s portrayal of the notorious Cocaine Godmother. FX’s Snowfall is one such series that adeptly captures the zeitgeist of the 1980s crack cocaine epidemic in Los Angeles, and does so with a level of intensity and drama that fans of Griselda have come to admire.

Starring Damson Idris as the ambitious Franklin Saint, Snowfall weaves a complex tapestry of characters affected by the burgeoning drug trade — from savvy dealers to weary CIA agents. Like Griselda, it delves deep into the personal and societal ramifications of narcotics, while also exploring the dual nature of empowerment and destruction that these drugs bring to communities. For those hoping to find shows similar to Griselda, there’s a clear parallel in Snowfall’s portrayal of the human condition against a backdrop of moral ambiguity and survival.

In essence, the critically acclaimed Snowfall serves not only as a window into a pivotal era of American history but also continues the tradition of telling nuanced stories within the crime genre. As viewers navigate through the various layers of intense drama, they’ll be reminded of the intricate world of Griselda, where every decision and relationship can either support a burgeoning empire or lead to its demise.

El Chapo (2017-2018)

Fans scouring the television landscape for shows similar to Griselda need look no further than the absorbing saga of Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán in the El Chapo TV series. This biographical crime drama plunges viewers into the dark depths of the narcotics underworld through a raw and riveting narrative that mirrors the captivating essence of “Griselda”.

The El Chapo TV series chronicles the ascent, reign, and eventual downfall of one of history’s most infamous drug lords, crafting a compelling story rich with complex characters and power plays. Echoing the visceral impact of the Griselda Blanco story, “El Chapo” unfolds the life of a man whose name became synonymous with the drug trade and its far-reaching influence on society and politics alike.

As with “Griselda”, “El Chapo” delves into not just the operational intricacies of a criminal empire, but also the human drama that accompanies it—shedding light on personal motivations, ambitions, and the precarious balance between survival and supremacy. For enthusiasts of drug lord stories and high-stakes power struggles, this series stands as a monument to the genre, satisfying the craving for more of the intoxicating world that “Griselda” so vividly portrayed.

In essence, “El Chapo” provides a portrayal that resonates deeply with those who have traversed the narrative landscape of “Griselda”, offering a thematic kinship grounded in the brutal yet compelling realities of crime and punishment. It’s a testament to the enduring allure of crime dramas that captivate and fascinate, drawing viewers into a dance with danger from the relative safety of their living rooms.

Narcos (2015-2017)

For connoisseurs of tv shows with a similar vibe to Griselda, the search for the next binge-worthy saga often leads to the notorious tales of Colombian drug cartels narrated in Narcos. The series offers an unfiltered dive into the life of the emblematic Pablo Escobar, brought to life by Wagner Moura’s haunting performance. Fans of cartel narratives and drug trafficking stories will find the brand of realism and narrative depth in Narcos instigates a familiar adrenaline rush.

Like the chilling account of Griselda Blanco’s reign in Miami, Narcos places its audience in the eye of the hurricane that is the drug trade’s violent storm. It intricately details the operations and impact of Escobar’s dynasty on both Colombia and the U.S., resonating with the intricate plotlines that made Griselda an addictive watch. Here, viewers traverse a world where power is paramount, and the line between law and order is perennially blurred.

The creative kinship between Narcos and Griselda runs deeper than their shared subject matter, as they parallel in their production pedigree as well. Grounded in the same fertile creative soil, including the touch of producer Eric Newman, these tv shows exhibit a shared understanding of the gravitas such storytelling requires. The interconnected web of historical figures between the series bespeaks the epic scale and complex network of the international narcotics landscape.

True aficionados of cartel narratives will appreciate the similar thematic hues and factual resonance shining through Narcos. As it dissects Escobar’s psyche, complex personal dynamics, and the consequential actions that defined his cartel’s rule, the series stands as a seminal piece of television. It is a must-watch for those mesmerized by the trials and tribulations of Griselda Blanco—another icon of the cartel canon—whose legend also haunts the periphery of Narcos‘ own story arc.

Sons of Anarchy (2008–2014)

Among the many TV shows like Griselda, Sons of Anarchy stands out as a magnetic and gritty portrayal of outlaw life and kinship within a Californian motorcycle club. This series captures the essence of the complex ‘family first’ mentality that drives many crime family sagas, echoing the narrative depth seen in “Griselda”. As viewers are plunged into the chaotic world of SAMCRO, they witness how moral lines are blurred in the pursuit of brotherhood, loyalty, and control.

Sons of Anarchy artfully depicts the constant struggle for power amid the volatile realm of motorcycle club drama, complete with entwined relationships and personal vendettas. It’s not just the outlaw lifestyle but the collective struggle against external pressures that unites fans of “Griselda” with this raw, adrenaline-fueled series. The show probes into the characters’ quests for identity and survival in a way that resonates deeply with those who appreciate crime dramas that delve into the tumultuousness of operating on the fringes of legality.

With its intense storytelling and emotional complexity, Sons of Anarchy forges a bond with audiences who seek a relentless portrayal of criminality interlaced with the bonds of chosen family. This series promises to fulfill the cravings for high-stakes narrative and rich, layered character arcs that fans of “Griselda” know all too well.

Sons of Anarchy motorcycle club drama

Ozark (2017-2022)

For those who have just finished Griselda and are itching to watch tv series similar to Griselda, Ozark stands as the next compelling narrative to dive into. Anchored by Jason Bateman’s formidable performance as Marty Byrde, the series intricately marries the tension of money laundering schemes with the unpredictability of a family drama in crime. As Marty becomes entangled with a Mexican cartel, viewers are treated to a high-stakes ordeal that deftly echoes the thematic tensions prevalent in Griselda.

The masterful blend of dire circumstances and familial discord in Ozark aligns perfectly with the appetite of audiences seeking to quench their thirst for drama that’s both intimate and macroscopic. It is here, where the turbid waters of the Lake of the Ozarks serve as a stunning backdrop, that we plunge into the Byrdes’ labyrinthine trials. Marty, portrayed with a nuanced resilience by Bateman, struggles to balance the precarity of his criminal undertakings with the innate desire to protect and nurture his family. This dynamic waltz with danger is one that is sure to resonate with fans of Griselda.

Ozark‘s acclaim can be attributed to more than its complex plot and arresting visuals; it’s the richly developed characters that carry the show’s weight on their shoulders, crafting a world where every decision reverberates with consequence. As the Byrdes contend with external threats and internal decay, the audience is invited to dissect the nuances of morality within the criminal underworld—a thematic exploration that stands shoulder to shoulder with the engrossing saga of Griselda Blanco.

Indeed, Ozark delivers a riveting continuation of what Griselda started: a narrative steeped in the depths of organized crime, bolstered by powerful performances and atmospheric storytelling that steadfastly capture the emotional battlegrounds of those enveloped in the dangerous world of drug cartels. In this regard, Ozark not only matches but enriches the genre of crime drama, establishing itself as an essential entry for those invested in the perpetually fascinating dance of loyalty, ambition, and survival.

Animal Kingdom (2016-2022)

Those who find themselves endeavoring to find shows similar to Griselda might discover their next binge-worthy obsession in TNT’s Animal Kingdom. This potent series ventures into the untamed territories of crime through the piercing narrative of the Cody family, led by the formidable matriarch known as Smurf. It is this portrayal of a crime dynasty steered by a strong female lead that draws such compelling parallels with the life of Griselda Blanco.

The vibrant vistas of Southern California provide more than just a backdrop for Animal Kingdom; they set the stage for the intricate crime family dynamics that fans of Griselda have come to appreciate. The Codys, much like the Blanco family, navigate the precarious underworld of illicit dealings, their bonds tested and fortified by the high-stakes chess game of survival in the domain of organized crime.

Throughout the series, the nuanced depiction of the Cody’s inner workings reveals a web of complex characters, each bringing their own unique flavor to the family’s collective quest for power. The heart-racing exploits within Animal Kingdom are laden with a sense of reality and raw emotion that viewers seeking shows similar to Griselda will undoubtedly resonate with. As viewers immerse themselves into the Cody family’s saga, they encounter a world where loyalty is currency and betrayal is the deadliest of sins.

Queen of the South (2016-2021)

Devotees of TV shows like Griselda will find a familiar narrative thread in Queen of the South, a series that chronicles the meteoric rise of Teresa Mendoza. Much like Griselda Blanco, Mendoza’s journey from poverty to power positions her as a formidable force in the drug trafficking narrative—a testament to the enduring allure of the female drug lord narrative.

In this gripping storyline, Mendoza is forced to flee from Mexico to the United States, only to find herself entangled in the very drug trade that endangered her life. The show does not shy away from displaying the theme of survival and power, as Teresa musters the strength, wit, and courage to ascend the ranks in a perilous world dominated by men. It is in her resolve that viewers see the reflection of ‘Griselda,’ bearing witness to the sacrifices made and the ironclad resolve required to survive.

Each episode of Queen of the South offers an earnest portrayal of a woman’s unyielding quest for autonomy within an empire built on vice and violence. The series seamlessly marries the complications of heart and hustle, rooting its tale in a sense of realism that fans of stark, hard-hitting drama have come to expect from TV shows like Griselda. As Mendoza navigates the trials before her, she encapsulates the very essence of a narrative fueled by both empowerment and existential battle—a duel against the odds that is at once deeply human and harrowingly epic.

Mayans M.C. (2018-2023)

Emerging from the shadows of its precursor Sons of Anarchy, Mayans M.C. offers a deep dive into the Latino motorcycle club drama, laden with the visceral charge of cartel stories and family ties tested by the lawless frontier at the California-Mexico border. Chronicling the sagas of Ezekiel “EZ” Reyes and his fraternity, this series resonates with the raw emotional temperament and the turbulent undertow characteristic of tv shows with a similar vibe to Griselda.

The fabric of Mayans M.C. is woven with threads of loyalty and revenge, creating a mosaic that paints the motorcycle club’s influence within the high-stakes world of narcotics with a striking intensity. It shares the blood-stained canvas of the drug trade that viewers experience in Griselda, elevating every act of treachery and family burden into a compelling narrative that leaves an indelible mark on the audience’s psyche.

In the heart of this gritty portrayal, the show thrives on a gripping exploration of identities clashing and congealing amidst relentless turf wars, where the scent of freedom is often marred by bloodshed and bound by cartel decrees. It is a narrative that does not shy away from the menacing allure of the intoxicating mix of bikes, brotherhood, and criminal enterprises, strikingly mirroring the detailed expanse of cartel activities — a thematic mainstay for aficionados craving motorcycle club drama.

Mayans M.C. motorcycle club drama

Each character in Mayans M.C., much like those in Griselda, is etched with a realism that goes beyond mere portrayals, harnessing the full force of their passions and plunging headfirst into a life that’s anything but ordinary. It is gritty, it is raw, and it is undeniably seductive in its storytelling prowess, ensuring that fans of the genre are not just viewers, but witnesses to the chaotic elegance of a world that refuses to be anything but relentlessly real.

The trails of Mayans M.C. interlock with the threading narratives of familial legacies burdened by the weight of illegal exploits, drawing viewers ever deeper into the saga that celebrates the dusty yet vibrant culture of motorcycle clubs entwined indisputably with the complex tapestry of cartel lore. For those looking to satisfy their cravings for tales that pulsate with the same hard-hitting aesthetic and simmering conflict found in tv shows with a similar vibe to Griselda, Mayans M.C. is a journey not to be overlooked.

Narco-Saints (2021)

Embarking on a journey through the treacherous terrains of the drug cartel drama, the acclaimed series Narco-Saints presents an intense narrative that grips viewers in a way similar to tv shows like Griselda. The show meticulously unfolds the life-and-death stakes involved in a covert operation against a dominant South American narcotics kingpin, seen through the eyes of an unwitting civilian businessman ensnared in the conflict.

The tactical interplay and clandestine intrigue that lay the foundation of Narco-Saints are reminiscent of the cunning strategy and perilous gambles found within the criminal underworld narratives. It captures a raw slice of survival, both in physical skirmishes and psychological warfare, as characters navigate a labyrinth of deceit and betrayal. These potent shared themes evoke the essence of the harrowing, but magnetic world viewers encountered in Griselda.

The dance of cunning and brute force in Narco-Saints mirrors the complexity of Griselda Blanco’s empire, showcased in Griselda. Both series unravel the multi-faceted nature of their characters, painting a picture of individuals who are at times cold and calculating, and at others, ingeniously adaptive in the face of a high-stakes environment that demands both.

In essence, Narco-Saints extends an invitation to audiences hungry for more of the explosive, dark narrative realms that are expertly delivered by shows like Griselda. Seamlessly blending the visceral storytelling with strategic confrontations, it stands as a powerful testament to the genre that continues to captivate viewers with tales of ambition, danger, and the human desire to overcome and outwit the odds.


Netflix’s “Griselda” has undoubtedly captivated audiences with its dramatic and gritty portrayal of the notorious drug lord Griselda Blanco. For those enticed by such powerful storytelling in crime genres, a bevy of television gems awaits. These gripping crime drama series, laden with complex characters and enthralling narratives, offer a potent blend akin to the atmosphere fans cherished in “Griselda.” Whether depicting the high-stakes exploits of cartels or the intricate negotiations of family loyalty amid crime, the recommendations for TV shows like Griselda satisfy the discerning viewer’s appetite for the genre.

Delving deeper into the heart of malicious empires and the keen minds that navigate them, series such as “Narcos” and “Queen of the South” reveal the alluring yet perilous domains of narcotics, power, and betrayal. Meanwhile, “Ozark” and “Animal Kingdom” ground the grandiosity of crime in the palpable tension of domestic struggles, highlighting the ever-present balance between personal ambition and familial responsibility. This curated collection of crime dramas promises to extend the thrilling experience of “Griselda,” engaging fans in stories where every moment holds a consequence and every decision sways the scales of fate.

In summary, for devotees of compelling, morally complex storytelling, the journey through television’s dark and twisted paths continues. As we part from the sun-streaked Miami of “Griselda,” these series provide the next narrative fix, richly textured with the stakes and sinew of criminal dramaturgy. Each one stands as a beacon for those enraptured by tales of ascent and descent within the criminal underworld, offering a vivid tableau of characters and storylines that resonate long after the credits roll.

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