The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live: Everything We Know So Far

The Walking Dead The Ones Who Live Everything We Know So Far

More than a decade ago AMC released the first episode of The Walking Dead. After 11 seasons, TWD has come to an end but The Walking Dead universe lives in many spinoffs that are equally successful. With Fear The Walking Dead coming to an end in October 2023, TWD fans will turn their attention to The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live.

The Ones Who Live AMC

Fans from all over the world are eagerly waiting for the premiere of The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live which will focus on two of the most beloved characters from the universe – Michonne (Danai Gurira) and Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln). It has been a long time since the first hints back in 2020. The show was officially announced during San Diego Comic-Con in 2022. 

When is The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live coming out and where can I watch it?

Although the new TWD spinoff was first rumored three years ago, we will still have to wait a bit longer to watch the brand-new adventures of Rick Grimes. Let’s hope that the creators will manage to create a good storyline for a fan-favorite character that was rumored to be dead since the 9th season of the main show. The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live is anticipated to premiere on AMC and AMC Plus between June and December 2024. To make waiting for Michonne and Rick a bit more bearable you can always jump back to the original show or enjoy amazing spinoffs like The Walking Dead: Dead City which follows the story of Maggie and Negan, or The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon featuring Daryl Dixon’s journey though postapocalyptic France.

Watch the Trailers of The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live

At the 2023 San Diego Comic-Con, fans got a sneak peek of the eagerly anticipated reunion between Michonne and Rick. The teaser lets us hear Michonne’s voice sharing about “losing someone years ago” and later discovering “he’s still alive.” Interspersed with visuals bathed in a deep red tint, the preview offers both eerie and optimistic vibes for the once-separated couple. From Season 1, Rick captured the hearts of many, and his bond with the indomitable Michonne brought a glimmer of hope in an otherwise bleak landscape. Their love story, symbolizing enduring love, is set to captivate viewers in this next chapter. Additionally, a fresh teaser for The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live was unveiled at New York Comic-Con 2023.

Right now, there is not much that we can see from those teasers and we will have to wait a bit more for more story-revealing trailers in the near future.

Who Is Making The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live?

The show is in the good hands of The Walking Dead veteran. Scott M. Gimple is credited as a showrunner for The Ones Who Live. He was a part of a production team since the very start in 2011 and eventually, he became an executive producer and a writer of later seasons. He also worked on pretty much every other TWD universe show including Fear The Walking DeadThe Walking Dead: Dead CityThe Walking Dead: OriginsThe Walking Dead: World Beyondand The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon. We can safely assume that the grim, zombie apocalypse world that we know from those shows will also be a big part of a new one.


Why is new The Walking Dead spinoff titled The Ones Who Live?

The first time that we heard the phrase “We’re the ones who live” was back in Season 5 of the main show. Those words were spoken by Rick when he tried to rally those around him to fight their villains, saying “we know what needs to be done, and we do it.” In Season 7 that phrase comes back multiple times, but it is Michonne who says it to Rick to push him to keep going and to underscore all that they have been through together.

In Season 11 the phrase is repeated by many of the characters as snippets of them are shown in their time throughout the 12-year run. The phrase serves as a powerful mantra, bolstering those battling against overwhelming odds to endure. As Michonne approaches a massive swarm of zombies and Rick grins in the face of a looming helicopter, it suggests that they recall these words not only as a connection but also as an affirmation of their unyielding spirit to persevere.

The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live plot

Rick Grimes was last seen during season 9 where he got injured after blowing up Alexandria’s bridge to prevent Zombie Herd from destroying the city. He then was saved from the river by a mysterious helicopter that took him to an undisclosed location. In Season 10, Michonne comes across information saying that Rick is still alive and sets out to find him.

In a post-credits scene of The Walking Dead’s final episode, we can see Rick fleeing from the Civic Republic Military (CRM) and Michonne horse riding through the USA to find him. 

The Ones Who Live will cover their journey to reunite and the main villain is expected to be the Civil Republic, which we know from The Walking Dead Season 8 and Fear the Walking Dead and The World Beyond.

Here’s the official synopsis of The Ones Who Live:

The love story between Rick and Michonne, changed by a world that is constantly changing, will they find themselves in a war against the living or will they discover that they too are The Walking Dead?

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