The Crown Season 6 – Everything We Know So Far

the crown season 6 everything we know so far

The epic saga about the life of Queen Elizabeth II is coming to a closure. The final season of The Crown will take place from the late ’90s to the early 2000s, encircling the tragic death of Princess Diana in 1997.

the crown final season

Is The Crown season six the show’s final season?

Yes, The Crown will end on season six and will be split into two parts. The first four episodes will premiere on Netflix on November 16, the last six episodes will release on December 14. The concluding season of The Crown features Imelda Staunton stepping into the role of the queen. It picks up after the complete breakdown of Prince Charles and Diana’s relationship. Dominic West reprises his role as Prince Charles and Elizabeth Debicki comes back as Diana, who no longer holds the title of Princess of Wales.

Will The Crown Season 6 cover the death of Princess Diana?

Indeed. On October 12, 2022, Deadline revealed that The Crown’s cast and crew were preparing to shoot scenes leading up to Princess Diana’s tragic death with her boyfriend Dodi Fayed in the 1997 Paris car crash. However, the series creator, Peter Morgan, has asserted that the accident itself will not be visually depicted. Instead, viewers can expect to witness scenes like the car departing The Ritz amidst a paparazzi chase, and the immediate response involving the British Ambassador to France coordinating with the Foreign Office, followed by the constitutional repercussions. A source from the production said that this has been a moment we’ve been apprehensive about, emphasizing the shoot’s intense atmosphere. They also commented on the heightened sensitivity around the event, saying that while we proceed with caution, it’s undeniable that there’s an air of tension. The portrayal is also set to include Prince Charles’s journey on a royal flight to retrieve Diana’s remains and Mohamed Al-Fayed facing subtle racial prejudice from the French officials when claiming his son’s coffin.

Who stars in The Crown season 6?

Imelda Staunton is stepping into the shoes of the queen, while Dominic West and Elizabeth Debicki are returning as Prince Charles and Princess Diana. In addition, Olivia Williams reprise her role as Camila Parker Bowles, Jonathan Pryce will play Prince Philip and Lesley Manville will be playing Princess Margaret, the sister of the queen that was previously played by Vanessa Kirby and Helena Bonham Carter. Salim Daw and Khalid Abdalla will also return as Mohamed Al Fayed and Dodi Al Fayed, respectively.

The Crown Season 6 Teaser Trailer

New trailer just premiered, you can check it out below.

Where can I watch The Crown season 6?

Just like all the previous seasons, you will be able to watch The Crown’s final season on Netflix. The first four episodes will go live on November 16, and the last six on December 14. So in total, The Final Season of The Crown will have 10 episodes.

Post last updated on 27 October 2023.

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