PlayStation Plus Subscription Discounts

PlayStation Plus Subscription Discounts

Last updated on January 31st, 2024 at 12:43 pm

PlayStation Plus offerts three levels of subscription – Essential, Extra and Premium. In this tutorial we would like to show you, how you can save up to 20% of the regular price legally and safely. Our solution works for new accounts, active accounts and returning – so everyone can enjoy PS Plus with nice discount.

PlayStation Plus subscription comes in three variants:

  • Essential (provides, among other things, access to 2-4 free games every month and the ability to play online)
  • Extra (provides everything an Essential subscription plus access to a catalog of hundreds of games)
  • Premium (provides everything Extra has, plus access to a catalog of classics, timed demos, and cloud gaming)

The methods in this guide are based on PlayStation Store Gift Cards, which can be purchased at third-party stores much cheaper than at official retailers. Thanks to this, we can buy, for example, $100 to the PS Store, paying only $90 , thus actually reducing the price of any PlayStation Plus subscription variant.

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What’s the difference between PlayStation Plus Essential vs. Extra vs. Premium tiers?

PlayStation Plus has evolved and now offers us three levels of subscription. Many new users are asking themselves which Playstation Plus Subscription is the best? Which one would fit my needs perfectly? All of the levels offer you a chance to play some of the best PlayStation games so no matter which PS Plus codes you will choose, you still will end up with tons of hours of quality gaming. But let’s talk a bit about your options.

The cheapest one is PlayStation Plus Essential. It offers you a chance to use multiplayer mode in games, you also get monthly PS games for PS4 and newest generation of PlayStation console. It also features additional discounts in PlayStation Store and cloud storage.

PlayStation Extra is the middle option for the subscription. Besides everything that PlayStation Plus Essential offers, it gives you a vast library of PS4 and PS5 titles to download and play. You can experience the best exclusive games such as Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered, God of War, Ghost of Tsushima, and many more.

PlayStation Premium is the most pricey our of three but it offers you everything that PlayStation Plus Essential and PlayStation Plus Extra has plus an additional benefit of enjoying classic titles from previous generations of PlayStation.

How much does the PlayStation Plus subscription cost?

The best and the cheapest PlayStation Plus subscription prices are available for longer periods of subscription time. 12 months paid upfront is the best solution if you want to buy the subscription from the official PlayStation Store. Buying PlayStation Plus with gift cards can give an additional 25-50% discount. In the official store PlayStation Plus Subscription costs:

  • PlayStation Plus Essential officialy costs $59.99 or approx $5/month instead of $9.99/month
  • PlayStation Plus Extra $99.99 or approx $8.33/month instead of $14.99/month,
  • PlayStation Plus Premium $119.99 or approx $10/month instead of $17.99/month.

Can I buy PlayStation Plus with gift cards?

Yes, you can save up additionally by buying PS Plus gift cards. You can obtain them from shops like Amazon, GameStop, Target, and others or you can buy them cheaper from the keyshops that we listed above. Once you buy cheap PlayStation Plus gift cards, you can simply redeem them on your PS account.

Where can I buy cheap Playstation Plus gift cards?

The best deals are on various keyshops. We selected the most trusted ones that we use on a daily basis without any problems. It allows you to save up to 50% on the initial price when the huge sale happens.

How to redeem a PlayStation Plus gift card?

You can do it on your console or by visiting the PlayStation Store in your browser. First, you need to log in to your PS account. Then select “Redeem Codes” from the “Store” menu. Next up – enter the 12-digit code that you’ve received and follow the on-screen instructions.

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