Hollywood Actors officially joins a strike

Last updated on July 21st, 2023 at 02:13 pm

It finally happened – actors are joining writers and they officially start their strike. The Actors Union has more than 160,000 people.

SAG-AFTRA on strike – how will Big Studios react?

SAG-AFTRA confirmed during the press conference that actors will start a protest. The last time actors and writers were protesting together was in 1960. Streaming services and artificial intelligence are at the center of the talks. Both actors and writers’ unions say that they are fighting to ensure living wages for workaday members, in particular those making movies or television shows for streaming services.

Screenwriters are worrying that in the future, big studios will use A.I. to generate scripts for their productions. Actors, on the other hand, are afraid that this advancement in technology may result in creating digital replicas of their likenesses without any approval or payment.


The revolution in the way that we watch entertainment was largely sped up by the pandemic. The Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers which stands on the opposite to the protestors said that they had offered “historic” contract improvements in 14 different areas like an 11 percent pay increase in the contract’s first year for background actors, stand-ins and photo doubles or a 76 percent increase in residual payments for big-budget shows that stream worldwide.

Hollywood is somewhat used to writers’ strikes since there were eight of them historically with the latest one happening in 2007. As for the actors’ strikes, the last one happened in 1980 during the boom in home video rentals. What the industry is not used to is the combination of those two working together, this happened once in the past.

What actors cannot do during the SAG-AFTRA strike?

SAG-AFTRA has released a list of rules that specify what actions the union’s 160,000 members cannot engage in during the duration of the strike. They include activities related to on-camera and off-camera work. Here is the list of prohibitions:

On-camera principal work, such as:
Acting. Singing, Dancing, Performing stunts, Piloting an airplane with a camera, Puppetry, Performance capture / motion capture work.

Off-camera principal work, such as:
Recording dialogue / voiceover, Appearing in TV and film trailers, Dubbing, Singing, Narration, Coordinating stunt work and related services, Stand-in work (for lighting, rehearsals, and scenes where the actor is facing away from the camera), Stunt double work, Fittings, wardrobe tests, and makeup tests, Camera rehearsals and tests, Digital scanning of actors, Auditions and interviews (including those conducted via video recordings)

Actors are also prohibited from participating in the promotion of films and TV shows, as well as public events related to the productions they are involved in. They are not allowed to take part in: Promotional tours, interviews, conventions, Fan EXPOs, festivals, personal appearances, event promotion, panels, premieres/screenings, award ceremonies, journalist junkets, podcasts, social media activities, studio presentations.

Furthermore, during the strike, actors cannot negotiate and/or enter into and/or give consent for: Future service agreements, Any new agreement involving the sale of project-related merchandise, Creation and utilization of digital replicas, including reuse of previous performances.

SAG-AFTRA has also instructed its members to direct their agents not to negotiate their services and to inform the union of any actions related to the violation of strike rules.

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